Abroaden Your Horizons

Copenhagen, Denmark with Jason Leon

June 06, 2023 SCU Study Abroad Season 3 Episode 4
Abroaden Your Horizons
Copenhagen, Denmark with Jason Leon
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In this episode of Abroaden Your Horizons, we talk with SCU student and Marketing major, Jason Leon, about his summer program abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark through DIS. We discuss how his experience abroad helped him step outside his comfort zone and become more independent, and how the offerings of his program allowed him to explore different parts of Europe as well as experience a unique academic setting. We also chatted about identity abroad, being a Gilman Award recipient, and the cultural transitions he experienced in Denmark. 

Goals for Studying Abroad
A day in the life Abroad
Program model and traveling abroad
Cultural transitions
DIS Study Tour
Summer Options
Different Academic Experiences
Reverse Culture Shock
Navigating parental relationships abroad
Coming from a LatinX household and going abroad
Applying to Gilman
Working with Gilman and Study Abroad as a Returnee
Final Takeaways